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"1976 DEMOS"
"!977 DEMOS"
Both albums out on vinyl by a Spanish company, available from the band at 10 each, plus 3.50 P&P.

This is a 4 album box set and is out on Cherry Red Records, info and track listings here!

RECENT NEWS The band appeared on Sat. 26th May at Islington Assembly Hall, where for the very last time the band featured all original members and classic V2 line-up:
Knox, John Ellis, Eddie, Pat Collier and Gary Tibbs
alonside Phil Ram, Nick Peckham, and Pete and Nigel Bennett from the current line-up.

For German speakers: see pictures and a report for the show in Linz in Austria: here.
The Vibrators, Ralleluja und Trax 33 waren am Samstagabend zu Gast in der Linzer Stadtwerkstatt!

See an interview with Eddie and photos of the band at their recent gig in Furth, Germany, here.

BBC 6 Music's A-Z of PUNK podcast on BBC.
The band were featured in this series. There are 25 episodes in which Marc Riley is joined by music journalist Rob Hughes to celebrate the pioneers, debunk the myths and identify the inspirations of the Punk movement.
More info: here.


The second album has "Creatures Of The Night" from the band's recent album (see below) on it.
More info: here.

This album features the recent line-up (Eddie, Darrell and Pete) as well as the V2 line-up (Knox, Eddie, John Ellis and Gary Tibbs). It's all new songs and was recorded at Pat Colliers studio (original bass player).

Nigel Bennett has replaced Darrell Bath on guitar.

Cherry Red released a 4-box set of The Vibrators: "THE EPIC YEARS, 1976-1978". See promo video here.

The Vibrators had their 40th(!!!!) Anniversary last year!

Rock 'N' Roll Rescue interview with Knox here

Check out this documentary and an old letter written by Eddie.

Sat. 27th Feb: - ISLINGTON, O2 - THE VIBRATORS' 40TH ANNIVERSARY SHOW!! - As well as the current line-up this also featured the two original line-ups of the band, so appearing were Knox, John Ellis, Pat Collier and Gary Tibbs! It was absolutely not to be missed!! (Note: this is the only time any of these original band members will be appearing.)

See the band playing live on in San Francisco recently (14th September 2015):

ROCKAWAY BEACH hosted a special charity event at the HOPE AND ANCHOR, featuring THE VIBRATORS plus special guests, to support ROCK 'N' ROLL RESCUE (Knox's charity shop), on Fri. 31st July 2015.

Visit Knox's charity shop: "ROCK 'N' ROLL RESCUE", 96 Parkway, Camden Town, London NW1 7AN (next door to the Dublin Castle pub). Open every day 11.00am - 6.00pm, Sun 12.00 - 6.00pm.
We sell vinyl, CDs, clothes, shoes, guitars, basses, amps, speaker cabs, record players, etc., etc. Guitar rescue: Phillippe Debreuille - 0791 5058214, audio rescue Alfredo - in shop every Tuesday. We also need the same stuff we sell as donations, so bring it in, and volunteers. See us on Facebook. Help us save the world!

Photos of the band's recent gig in Bratislava (21.1.2015) here! and the gig streamed here.

A new good review of the new album "PUNK MANIA":
Blurt on line:

Two good reviews of the new album "PUNK MANIA":
Uber Rock:

Great new cover version of "BABY BABY' came out 20 Nov. by LA band Lady Low. You can find it here:

NEW ALBUM - "PUNK MANIA - Back to the Roots" was released on 16 Sept. in USA on Cleopatra Records. Will be coming out soon in UK on Captain Oi! (Read Cleopatra press release on here)

The Vibrators are in the top '26 Huge Autumn Tours to Get Excited About' in NME, see it: here.

Interview with Knox talking about The Vibrators in Record Collector magazine, (out last August, it has Kate Bush on the cover, excerpt here : )

Check out this great "Automatic Lover" tattoo that Evelinn in Sweden has had done!!. Original artwork was by John Ellis.


NEWS: Slash was wearing a Vibrators "Whips and Furs" T-shirt when he guested with Aerosmith a few months ago at the Whiskey A Go-Go. See video here. (There's more videos of this on YouTube.)

The band were recently in Pat Collier's (Perry Vale) studio and recorded a new album. No title yet, or release date, but it will be coming out on Captain Oi! in the UK, and West Coast label Cleopatra Records in the USA, featuring a different mix.

Interview with Eddie and Knox in "Fear and Loathing LB"

Band photos from Prague (2014) on this site here.

Band photos from 2013 here!

Good interview with Knox from The Vibrators - see it here!

Check out this great video on YouTube! - It's The Vibrators' song "X-Files" and the video was made by SimplePsiBin. He's done a really really great job. See it here:

NEW VIBRATORS COMPILATION ALBUM "GREATEST PUNK HITS " - released on digipak Mon 5th August 2013 in UK, and Tues 6th August worldwide. MVD5929A ( The 1st retrospective collection of their greatest hits from their entire career!

TRACK LIST: 1. London Girls 2. Whips and Furs 3. Baby Baby 4. Sweet Sweet Heart 5. Automatic Lover 6. Troops of Tomorrow 7. Judy Says 8. Disco In Mosco 9. Flying Home 10. Amphetamine Blue 11. Rip Up The City 12. Every Day I Die A Little 13. Wonderful World 14. Tired of Living With You 15. The Kid's A Mess 16. Your Love Is Fading Away 17. Under the Radar 18. I Need a Slave (Live)


LATEST STUDIO ALBUM "ON THE GUEST LIST" - (released on May 7th, 2013), with a single "Slow Death" (Flaming Groovies' song) released in June 2013, on West Coast USA label Cleopatra Records ( The album has been getting good reviews!

Track list: 1 View from My Cadillac, 2 2nd Skin, 3 Automatic Lover, 4 Every Dog, 5 Prisoner in the Mirror, 6 Turn Up the Heat, 7 Rain to Town, 8 Baby Baby, 9 Birdland Is Closed, 10 One More, 11 My Stalker, 12 Rock n Roll Clown, 13 The Ohio, 14 Whips and Furs, 15 Long Beach Police, 16 Voodoo Eye.



Nigel Bennett, one of the main Vibrators' guitarists, who recently left the band to go solo, has a video out, see it here:
Nigel's website is here

John Ellis, original Vibrators' guitarist, has a new album out: "Sly Guitar" - released April 2013 on Chantoyu Records.
Info here

Pic of band from years' ago:

Photo of the band, c1983, during the making of the "Baby Blue Eyes" video . (Pic by Mick Mercer - he's got several photos for sale on eBay.)

VIBRATORS' T-SHIRT ON GERMAN TV: Our fan Oliver - "Are you aware that the Vibrators had an "ad" on Germany TV ? I was in a cooking show with star cooks and took the chance to "present" my VIBRATORS t-Shirt, see photo. The cook with me in the photo is Alexander Herrmann, a star cook."

Tim Burgess (The Charlatans) on "Automatic Lover".

NEW STUDIO ALBUM: The band went into Pat Collier's studio in March this year and began recording a new studio album. This will have guest singers on it, and is for US label Cleopatra Records. (Pat Collier was the band's original bass player, and has Perry Vale Studios, a guitar band orientated studio in South London.)


PURE MANIA and V2 out on vinyl - released on West Coast USA label Cleopatra Records (

Check out this great thing beebee333 has made of Vibrators' song "The Streets of London Tonight":

THE BAND WERE FEATURED IN THE INDEPENDENT - The band were in Sat. 10 April 2010 Independent. (Click on image to see larger version.)

BAND'S LAST STUDIO ALBUM "UNDER THE RADAR" - The band recorded this studio album in original Vibrators' bass player's Pat Collier's studio (Perry Vale Studios, south London) in 2009. The album, containing 14 new songs, was titled 'UNDER THE RADAR', and was released by Captain OI! Records on 30th November 2009. The band are playing songs from this album at gigs. We have copies of this for sale at gigs or see our merch page.
Good reviews of album in: and Mass Movement Magazine.


"ENERGIZE" album - re-released on vinyl in Czech, on PH Records, We have them for sale so either get one at a gig or see our merch page.
(If you read Czech - here are 10 or more reviews of this album plus the Under The Radar album - see above - plus radio station playing our songs - here.)

"DESPAIR" album - This is a band Knox was in before The Vibrators (roughly 1973-5) and which was playing "Whips'n'Furs", "Sweet Sweet Heart", "She's Bringing You Down", etc. before The Vibrators. See Knox news.

VIBRATORS' "TROOPS OF TOMORROW" SKATEBOARDS - here is the hot design, by

Dimensions: 9" x 33", 15.5" wheel base.
Last few left available from gigs or for 40 plus 5 P+P in the UK - see our merch page.

VIBRATORS' OTHER ALBUM RELEASE IN 2009: "GARAGE PUNK" is a '60s garage cover's album recorded at Pat Collier's studio (Perry Vale Studio). It was released on 30th June on Cleopatra Records. Pat Collier was the band's original bass player. The album is in CD and vinyl formats, and tracks include "Psychotic Reaction", "Pushing Too Hard", "Have Love Will Travel", plus many more. We have them for sale at gigs or see our merch page.


7' SINGLE - "TROOPS OF TOMORROW" also out on Cleopatra Records.

FAIRLY RECENT ADDITION - all the lyrics to the "ENERGIZE" album here.


The Vibrators had a '77 punk covers CD out on Cleopatra Records, released on 14th March 2006, and distributed by Plastic Head here in the UK.. Called "PUNK: THE EARLY YEARS" it includes a version of the Dead Boys "SONIC REDUCER" featuring Wayne Kramer (MC5) on vocals and guitar, and Leonard (The Dickies) singing Motorhead's "VIBRATOR".
We have copies for sale at gigs or see our merch page.

1. White Riot
2. New Rose
3. Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
4. Automatic Lover
5. Grip
6. Sonic Reducer
7. Pretty Vacant
8. Emotional Blackmail
9. Stranded
10. Baby Baby
11. Nasty Nasty
12. Into The Valley
13. Vibrator
14. Rip Up The City
15. Judy Is A Punk
16. Born To Lose
17. Teenage Kicks
18. Whips & Furs
19. Borstal Breakout
20. Beat On The Brat

OTHER NEWS: The Vibrators' LIVE ENERGISE CBGB's 2005 DVD is now distibuted in Japan by MOVIENET INTERNATIONAL. which is a big music DVD distributor.

CHECK OUT: - Pete's (The Vibrators' bass player) other band NO DIRECTION - music, gigs, pics, etc.

check out this old interview!

OLD PHOTOS: If you want to see what the band looked like years ago (1982) it's well worth checking out Ian Turner's brilliant photos at:, and don't we look young.




VIBRATORS 1976-2004.

A must for all Vibrators' fans! On Cherry Red.

We finished making this studio album (our fifteenth) in the autumn 2001, with Pat Collier (original bass player) producing. The album has sixteen new songs on it, and has John Ellis (the original Vibrators' guitarist) playing on two tracks (X-Files and 3/4 Angelina). Knox thinks this might be the band's best album since Pure Mania and V2.
List of tracks: "X-Files", "Your Love Is Fading Away", "So Far Down", "Animals," "Shine", "3/4 Angelina", "Rock The Kids", "New Brain", "Band New", "General Purpose", "Jukebox Light", "Tears Are Falling", "Moonlight", "I Knew It Must Be Love", "2nite", "No More".


V2 - the band's 2nd album, originally released in 1978 on Epic - we now have copies of this for sale (see our merchandising page or



Also take a look at Knox's web site (includes his other projects, paintings, etc.):

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